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Winter of East Hokkaido

Let's watch a superb view and
drift ice of the nature.

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3 days and 2 nights

Sounkyo,Abashiri,3days and 2nights
-Winter of East Hokkaido 01-

Time required: 3days and 2nights

Sightseeing ship for drift ice aurora crushes an iceberg filling up Ohotsuku and advances.
Shall we go to encounter the seal which got on the drifted ice?


Trip of the course

●Day 1
[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) → Sounkyo(11:30~13:00) → Kitami(14:50~15:00) → Abashiri JailOhotsuku RyuhyokanAbashiri(17:00Arrival) [Lodging]

●Day 2
[Departure] Abashiri(8:30Start) → Sightseeing ship for drift ice Aurora(9:30~10:30) → Ohotsuku Beer(12:00~13:00) → Sounkyo Hot Spring(15:00Arrival) [Lodging]

●Day 3
[Departure] Sounkyo Hot Spring(9:00Start) → Asahiyama Zoo(10:30~15:40) → Sunagawa SA(16:40~17:00) → Sapporo(18:00Arrival) [Terminal]

Please apply for the reservation of the sightseeing from a telephone or a reservation form.

Reservation center011-864-7811