Course of the Sightseeing

We prepare for a substantial sightseeing course and
wait for all of you.

We support the Hokkaido sightseeing for all of you.
We make a substantial sightseeing course based on the conventional results in us and entertain all of you.
Of course It is OK to see the sights in the course that a visitor decided beforehand.
Please talk willingly. The reservation of the sightseeing

List of sightseeing courses

  • Central Hokkaido
  • South Hokkaido
  • North Hokkaido
  • East Hokkaido
  • Spring of Central Hokkaido

    Tourist season start. A lot of highlight.

  • Spring of South Hokkaido

    A lush blue lake and cherry tree.

  • Spring of North Hokkaido

    Monopolize the popular tourist site before the best season!

  • Spring of East Hokkaido

    Trip to Eastern Hokkaido where green sends out buds.

  • Summer of Central Hokkaido

    Let's enjoy short summer of Hokkaido.

  • Summer of South Hokkaido

    An experience-based trip! Let's enjoy summer with all one's might.

  • Summer of North Hokkaido

    Speaking of the summer of Northern Hokkaido, it is this course absolutely!

  • Summer of East Hokkaido

    Let's thoroughly enjoy excellent hot water of Eastern Hokkaido and a mysterious lake.

  • Autumn of Central Hokkaido

    Trip to colored leaves and hot spring.

  • Autumn of South Hokkaido

    Let's thoroughly enjoy colored leaves of the Nature.

  • Autumn of North Hokkaido

    Trip to enjoy colored leaves slightly earlier.

  • Autumn of East Hokkaido

    Let's enjoy mysterious lake and sweets wrapped in colored leaves.

  • Winter of Central Hokkaido

    Let's enjoy snow with all one's might!

  • Winter of South Hokkaido

    Let's look at a certain lake which does not freeze in severe cold.

  • Winter of North Hokkaido

    Let's play with winter animals.

  • Winter of East Hokkaido

    Let's watch a superb view and drift ice of the nature.


Pickup of the airport

We can organize a pickup of the airport.
Pickup to an airport, most suitable for the visitor of the group with much baggage to nine people.
We wait for an order.


You can enjoy golf with one body without minding baggage. The troublesome movement after the play is broken off, and relief is safe and sees you to the entrance hall of the home comfortably.

Please apply for the reservation of the sightseeing from a telephone or a reservation form.

Reservation center011-864-7811