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Summer of South Hokkaido

An experience-based trip!
Let's enjoy summer with
all one's might.

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One-day course


Mt.Showa-Shinzan,Lake Shikotsu,Lake Toya
-Summer of South Hokkaido 01-

Time required:About 9 hours

We pass through the Nakayama Pass from Jozankei and overlook Mount Yotei, and, please monopolize magnificent nature of Shikotsu-Toya National Park.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) → Nakayama Pass(10:30~10:45) → Sairo Sightseeing Tower(11:45~12:00) → Lake Toya(12:20) → Lunch(Lake Toya Hot Spring/ 13:20) → Mt.Showa-Shinzan(Stroll/13:30~14:00) → Forest276(14:40~15:00) → Lake Shikotsu(Stroll/16:00~16:30) → Sapporo(17:20Arrival) [Terminal]

2 days and 1 night

Morning Market

Hakodate 2 days and 1 night
-Summer of South Hokkaido 02-

Time required: 2days and 1night

We sail up Hakodate where foreign romance drifts, ruins Goryokaku of the Hakodate war that fought to make a new country in Hokkaido, trade and the history including the Kanamori warehouse of trace Motomachi of the culture in Meiji, and, please take a walk.
It is sure to get the memory of a wonderful trip.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) → Nakayama Pass(10:30~10:45) → Toyoura IC(11:30) → Oshamanbe(Lunch/12:00~13:10) → Kunnui IC(13:30) → Oonuma IC(14:50) → Oonuma(15:00~15:20) → Hakodate Yunokawa(16:00Arrival) [Lodging]

[Departure] Hakodate(9:00Start) → Morning Market(9:20~9:40) → Mt.Hakodate,Sightseeing and Lunch in Hakodate-city(Shopping,Food/9:50) → Oonuma IC(13:00) → Toyoura IC(14:50~15:00) → Nakyama Pass(16:30~16:40) → Sapporo(18:00Arrival) [Terminal]

3 days and 2 nights


Hakodate 3 days and 2 nights
-Summer of South Hokkaido 03-

Time required: 3days and 2nights

Hakodate full of the exoticism, please spend it relaxedly in excellent hot water Noboribetsu Onsen, Japan.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

●Day 1
[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) →Nakayama Pass(10:30~10:40) → Oshamanbe(Lunch/12:30~13:30) → Kunnui IC(13:45) → Oonuma IC(14:40) → Hakodate-city(Sightseeing in Hakodate/15:20~17:10) → Yunokawa Hot Spring(17:30Arrival) [Lodging]

●Day 2
[Departure] Hakodate(9:00Start) →Morning Market(9:20) → Mt.Hakodate,Sightseeing and Lunch in Hakodate-city(Shopping,Food) → Oonuma Park(13:20~13:40) → Oonuma IC(14:00) → Toyoura IC(15:50~16:00) → Noboribetsu(17:30Arrival) [Lodging]

●Day 3
[Departure] Noboribetsu(9:00Start) →Jigokudani etc.(9:10~11:00) → Shiraoi(Lunch/11:30~12:30) → Shiraoi Porotokotan(13:00~13:30) → New Chitose Airport(15:30) → Sapporo(16:30Arrival) [Terminal]

Please apply for the reservation of the sightseeing from a telephone or a reservation form.

Reservation center011-864-7811