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Autumn of South Hokkaido

Let's thoroughly enjoy
colored leaves of the Nature.

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One-day course

Lake Toya

-Autumn of South Hokkaido 01-

Time required:About 8 hours

We go from Sapporo to the Southern Hokkaido area to look for the superb view point of colored leaves.
A knowledge-rich driver will lead you to the impression.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) → Hoheikyo(10:00~10:20) → Toya(Sightseeing,Lunch/11:40~14:10) → Mt.Showa-Shinzan(14:30~15:30) → New Chitose Airport(17:00arrival) [Terminal]

Lake Shikotsu

Superb view from Mt.Tarumae
-Autumn of South Hokkaido 02-

Time required:About 8 hours

The person knowing the point from Mount Tarumae seventh stage is a place of a superb view knowing.
Please experience it with a camera.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start)→Lake Okotanpe(10:10~10:40) → Lake Shikotsu(Stroll,Lunch/11:10~12:50) → Superb view of the Mt.Tarumae seventh stage(13:40~14:00) → Indian waterwheel(15:30~16:30) → New Chitose Airport(17:00arrival) [Terminal]


-Autumn of South Hokkaido 03-

Time required:About 8 hours

It is the place that is really beautiful though hurry a little.
In this season, look at this place by all means.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) → Noboribetsu(Stroll/11:00~12:30) → Mt.Showa-Shinzan(Stroll/14:00~14:30) → Sairo Sightseeing Tower(15:00~15:10) → Nakayama Pass(15:50~16:00) → Sapporo(17:00arrival) [Terminal]

2 days and 1 night


2days and 1night
-Autumn of South Hokkaido 04-

Time required: 2days and 1night

Shall we do a quick-peak at a short period of the time to go watch the colored leaves of Hoheikyo by electric bus to back num of sapporo, culled Jyozankei.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

●Day 1
[Departure] Sapporo(Sightseeing of the city center 3hours/9:00Start~12:00) → Otaru(13:00~15:00) → Lake Sapporo(15:50~16:10) → Jyozankei Hot Spring(16:30arrival) [Lodging]

●Day 2
[Departure] Jyozankei Hot Spring(9:00Start) → Kyogoku(Fukidashi Park/10:10~10:30) → Lake Toya(12:00~13:00) → Mt.Showa-Shinzan(13:20~13:50) → Lake Shikotsu(15:10~15:20) → New Chitose Airport(16:00arrival) [Terminal]

Please apply for the reservation of the sightseeing from a telephone or a reservation form.

Reservation center011-864-7811