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Autumn of Central Hokkaido

Trip to colored leaves and hot spring.

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One-day course


Sapporo sightseeing and Lake Shikotsu
-Autumn of Central Hokkaido 01-

Time required:About 7 hours

After having seen the sights of the popular spot of Sapporo, we go to Lake Shikotsu which is famous for transparency. Colored leaves and the contrast of the lake will become the impressive, unforgettable memory.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

[Departure] Sightseeing in Sapporo-shi(9:00Start/Odori Park、Clock tower、Dou-chou/3hours) → Lunch(13:00) → Lake Shikotsu(Stroll/14:40) → Indian waterwheel(15:40) → New Chitose Airport(16:00arrival) [Terminal]


Niseko,Lake Shikotsu
-Autumn of Central Hokkaido 02-

Time required:About 8 hours

It is Niseko that is famous for powder snow, but, in fact, can enjoy autumn Niseko very much. Exceot for winter, you can experience the processing of ice cream and techies.
The scenery at the same level as a town falls into the illusion that totally came to Australia.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) → Niseko(Takahashi ranch milk studio/11:30~12:30) → Lake Shikotsu(Stroll/14:00~14:40) → Indian waterwheel(15:20~15:40) → New Chitose Airport(16:00arrival) [Terminal]

2 days and 1 night


-Autumn of Central Hokkaido 03-

Time required:2days and 1night

After having seen the sights of the Sapporo city, We go to Otaru of the north Wall Street. For lunch, please enjoy seasonal taste here.
The highlight of the first day is Kamui cape. Shakotan blue and the contrast with colored leaves are superb views.
While the car window does Mount Yotei on the second day, we go to Lake Shikotsu.
The colored leaves which you drew on the campus will become the memory that you never forget it.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

●Day 1
[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) → Odori(9:30) → Okurayama(9:50~10:40) → Otaru(Sightseeing,Lunch/11:30~14:00) → Shakotan(Shimamui/15:10~15:30) → Iwanai(16:00arrival) [Lodging]

●Day 2
[Departure] Iwanai(9:00Start) → Shinsennuma(Stroll/9:30~10:00) → Fukidashi Park(Stroll/13:30~14:10) → Lake Shikotsu(15:40~16:20) → New Chitose Airport(17:00arrival) [Terminal]

Please apply for the reservation of the sightseeing from a telephone or a reservation form.

Reservation center011-864-7811