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Spring of Central Hokkaido

Tourist season start.
A lot of highlight.

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One-day course

Otaru canal

Trip of the Otaru romance
-Spring of Central Hokkaido 01-

Time required: About 7 hours

Called a north wall town, and the stone building where the appearance stays still lets you feel romance in the Taisho era once. Take a walk through a sepia town to drift to slowly, and, please thoroughly enjoy seafood.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

[Departure] Sapporo (9:00Start) → Otaru (Kitaichi-Grass,Orgel-dou Stroll/10:00~11:00) → Otaru canal(Stroll/11:10~11:30) → Lunch(Sushi etc./11:40~13:00) → Nishin-Goten(13:30~14:10) → Mt.Tengu The Grass Studio in Otaru(14:30~15:00) → Sapporo(16:00arrival) [Terminal]

Odori Park

Sightseeing course in Sapporo-shi
-Spring of Central Hokkaido 02-

Time required: About 6 hours

Go around the popular spot of Sapporo while feeling the incense of the lilac to be. Overlook Sapporo in Okurayama and the Hitsujigaoka sightseeing tower and can enjoy harmony of nature if the same level as a town.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) → Shiroi-koibito Park(9:30~10:20) → Mt.Ookura(10:50~11:20) → Lunch(11:40~12:40) → Hitsujigaoka sightseeing tower(13:10~13:30) → Sightseeing of the city center(Odori Park,Clock tower,Dou-chou/14:00) → City Hotel(15:00arrival) [Terminal]

2 days and 1 night

Lake Toya

Central Hokkaido 2days and 1night
-Spring of Central Hokkaido 03-

Time required: 2days and 1night

We leave for the Chikyu cape where a panorama of 360 degrees to let you feel the tip of the earth is seen in while looking at the ranch which a young horse runs around in aside.To see an eruption gulf, You take it to Mount Usu and Showa Shinzan repeating eruption from the ancient times afterwards.You appreciate fireworks slowly at night in a hot spring of Toya.
And it is an enhancement course toward Otaru full of the Taisho romance the next day.

Reservation of the course

Trip of the course

●Day 1
[Departure] Sapporo(9:00Start) → Shiraoi Porotokotan(10:20~11:20) → Lunch(Shiraoi city/12:00~13:00) → Noboribetsu(Jigokudani stroll/13:30~14:00) → Ooyunuma(14:10~14:20) → Lake Kuttara(14:30~14:50) → Chikyu cape(15:40~15:55) → Hakucho Long Bridge(From car window) → Mt.Showa-shinzan(16:40~17:00) → Lake Toya Hot Spring(17:30arrival) [Lodging]

●Day 2
[Departure] Lake Toya Hot Spring(9:00Start) → Toya-Sairo Sightseeing tower(9:20~9:30) → Nakayama Pass(10:40~10:50) → Lake Spaooro(11:30~11:40) → Lunch in Otaru(Kitaichi-Grass,Orgal-dou stroll/12:20~16:00) → Sapporo(17:00arrival) [Terminal]

Please apply for the reservation of the sightseeing from a telephone or a reservation form.

Reservation center011-864-7811